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Litigation rarely advances the needs of a business. Whether you are the President of a national corporation or the proprietor of a mom and pop restaurant struggling to make payroll, the specter of litigation can divert valuable resources from more profitable business efforts.  Sometimes, however, litigation is necessary or unavoidable. With more than twenty years of experience counseling and representing businesses in employment matters and commercial disputes, the partners of Vrountas, Ayer & Chandler, P.C. have created a new law firm. Our mission statement is simple. We are here to help your business successfully navigate the treacherous and costly waters of litigation.  When legal disputes arise, we will work with you not only to develop the strongest case possible, but also to understand your business, your goals, and the impact of the instant legal matter on both. Many law firms may promise similar services and goals. Vrountas, Ayer & Chandler, P.C. has the unique experience and skills to meet that promise and truly be a partner in your business. Our partners have litigated matters including: employment and civil rights matters, covenants not to compete and trade secret disputes, director and officer liability and fiduciary matters, government contracting disputes, intellectual property matters, complex and traumatic personal injury matters, insurance coverage disputes, mass torts, and construction disputes.  Our experience goes beyond litigation and trial advocacy matters, and we have counseled business clients on how to avoid and resolve disputes in all of these areas. The breadth of our legal experience is matched only by the diversity of the clients we serve. Whatever your business is, regardless of the size or nature of the dispute, the partners of Vrountas, Ayer & Chandler, P.C. have the breadth of skill and experience to serve your legal needs.

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