Tata & Howard, Inc.

Our business philosophy has always relied heavily on teamwork, and we believe our employees should share in Tata & Howard’s success in an appreciable way. That’s why we created a 100% ESOP, which went into effect in October of 2014. An ESOP is a type of employee retirement benefit plan, where employees become shareholders in the company. Similar in some ways to a profit-sharing plan, an ESOP rewards employee-owners relative to the financial success of the company. In this way, employee-owners are accorded a real ownership stake in the company, and are therefore driven to work both harder and smarter for the company. Since its inception, Tata & Howard’s values have included both integrity and teamwork, and adopting a 100% ESOP has contributed greatly to those values. Our team members strive to improve efficiency and innovation while consistently maintaining a strong sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of both the company and each other.

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