Founded in 1980, ACEC-NH is non-profit organization business association dedicated to assisting member firms achieve excellence in the business and practice of engineering. ACEC-NH is a member of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), the largest national organization supporting the business of consulting engineering.

  • ACEC-NH is the leading policy and legislative advocate for consulting engineering firms in New Hampshire.
  • Provides business practice education, resources, and industry connections to its member firms.
  • Is committed to engineering excellence and upholds the high ethical standards of the profession.
  • Promotes awareness about the practice of engineering and the role that professional engineers play in the everyday lives of New Hampshire residents.

About ACEC-NH Member Firms

ACEC-NH member firms provide engineering expertise that enhances infrastructure, improves public safety, and protects the environment in New Hampshire. These professional engineering firms provide services to all facets of society including federal, state, and local governments; non-profit organizations; private industry; and the public. Member firms range in size from single-employee entrepreneurs, small businesses, to large firms that have located their national headquarters in New Hampshire.

  • ACEC-NH represents more than 70 consulting engineering firms dedicated to delivering high-quality and innovative technical work.
  • Member firms employ more than 1,500 highly-skilled employees, based in New Hampshire.
  • Employees at our member firms are consulting engineers, scientists, technicians, and planners who are dedicated above all to the safety, health, and welfare of the public.
  • ACEC Member firms serve on committees and collaborate to enhance the practice of professional engineering.

Our members work to enhance the image of consulting engineering and the engineer. This includes volunteering and collaborating with local schools to help inspire the next generation of engineers.

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The History of ACEC-NH

Consulting Engineers of New Hampshire, Inc. (CENH) was founded on June 24, 1980 at DeNauw’s Restaurant in Concord, NH.

The organization’s original incorporators were:

  • Art Rose
  • Ray Cowan
  • Dennis Tewksbury
  • Stanley Wyman
  • Paul Fluet

1985: CENH retained Bouley Associates, Inc. as the organization’s lobbyist.

2002-2004: Beth Kelly served as the organization’s Administrative Assistant.

2006: Alex Koutroubas was named the organization’s first paid/professional Executive Director.

May 23, 2002: The Board of Directors voted to change the name of the organization to the American Council of Engineering Companies-NH (ACEC-NH).

2004-2006: Alex Koutroubas served as the organization’s Administrative Assistant.

Past ACEC-NH Presidents

July 1980-June 1981: Unknown

July 1981-June 1982: Unknown

July 1982-June 1983: Unknown

July 1983-June 1984: Unknown

July 1984-June 1985: Unknown

July 1985-June 1986: Unknown

July 1986-June 1987: Unknown

July 1987-June 1988: Unknown

July 1988-June 1989: Unknown

July 1989-June 1990: Ed Bergeron

July 1990-June 1991: Jim Boothroyd

July 1991-June 1992: Jim Boothroyd

July 1992-June 1993: Mike Donahue

July 1993-June 1994: Mike Donahue

July 1994-June 1995: Ray Cowan

July 1995-June 1996: Lou Caron

July 1996-June 1997: Lou Caron

July 1997-June 1998: Art Cunningham

July 1998-June 1999: Bill Straub

July 1999-June 2000: Gerry Blanchette

July 2000-June 2001: Chris Bean

July 2001-June 2002: Nannu Nobis

July 2002-June 2003: Dick Stulgis

July 2003-June 2004: Gary Garfield

July 2004-June 2005:Scott Shillber

July 2005-June 2006: Frank O’Callaghan

July 2006-June 2007: Chris Mulleavey

July 2007-June 2008: Jim Errico

July 2008-June 2009: Mary Zydel

July 2009-June 2010: Mary Zydel

July 2010-June 2011: Mike Penney

July 2011-June 2012: Mike Penney

July 2012-June 2013: Joe Ducharme

July 2013-June 2014: Joe Ducharme

July 2014-June 2015: Bill Moore

July 2015-June 2016: Bill Moore

July 2016-June 2017: Alicia Hill

July 2017-June 2018: Alicia Hill

July 2018-June 2019: Pete King

July 2019-June 2020: Pete King

July 2020-June 2021: Marty Kennedy