In 2020, Verdantas started with a vision to build a consulting company focused on our environment – making the world a better place. We then began to bring together consulting companies that all shared this common focus for a better world and put people first. Each entity that joins contributes its engineering, planning, science and technical expertise to create One Great Company to solve complex problems. They bring a legacy of excellence, a reputation of honesty and integrity, with like-minded cultures dedicated to inclusion, diversity, and collaboration. Collectively, we are experts in the environment and its supporting infrastructure who are committed to a people-focused future. Our efforts positively impact the communities we are welcomed into, our employees are allowed to balance their everyday lives, they are encouraged to grow into who they wish to become – all while putting our clients and the community we live in at the center of our actions.

Member Details

186 Granite Street, 3rd Floor, Suite AManchester, NH 03101
Nikki Delude Roy, PG(603) 314-0820