ACEC-NH/NHDOT CQI Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for January 15, 2021

Meeting Location: Zoom Virtual Meeting
Day/Time: Friday (1:00 pm – 2:30 pm)

In Attendance:

Bill Oldenburg, NHDOT (Chair)
Mike Long, MJ
Ted Kitsis, NHDOT
Alex Koutroubas, ACEC
CR Willeke, NHDOT
Michelle Marshall, FHWA
Darren Blood, GM2
Marty Kennedy, VHB (Scribe)
Loretta Girard Doughty, NHDOT
Chris Mulleavey, HTA
Rob Faulkner, CHA

Unable to Attend:

Jim Marshall, NHDOT


  1. Meeting Minutes: The meeting minutes from the last meeting were accepted.
  2. Assigned Scribe for Meeting: Marty Kennedy
  3. Topics for Discussion:
    • Escalation Rate
      • Bill reminded the committee that the NHDOT’s current calculation, which is
        based on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Data yields 2.25%, which would
        round down to a 2.0% cost escalation. He received internal Department push back
        on the suggestion of using the 2.25% plus 1% as discussed at our last meeting.
        Bill ran a sensitivity analysis using a $1.7 M project stating that the difference
        between a 2.0% and a 2.25% factor would be only $5 K and the difference
        between a 2.0% and a 3.0% factor would be only $20 K. Unless there’s another
        acceptable standardized method the consultant members can propose, the
        Department is prepared to implement the lower escalation rate. Consultants to get
        back to the Department within the next couple of weeks if there are other
    • Brainstorming Meeting Topics
      • Marty suggested that with this being our first meeting of the year, we
        establish our top priority for 2021. It was suggested and agreed that our
        top priority would be to work together discussing and implementing
        actions aimed at efficiently advancing NHDOT projects. There will be
        other topics to discuss, but we’ll be sure to allocate sufficient time on each
        agenda to this priority.
      • The agenda will include start and end time for each agenda item.
      • Subcommittee reports should be brief (2 min each). If there’s the need for
        a longer discussion on a subcommittee matter, it should be placed on the
        agenda as a standalone discussion item.
      • As the year proceeds, we’ll monitor our progress on implementing actions
        to advance NHDOT projects.
      • Bill Oldenburg and one consultant member (Mike Long) to work together
        on preparing the agenda for each meeting.
      • Will consider changing the day and time of the meeting. Bill will check
        the schedules of others.
    • Sub-Consultant Self-Certification Form
      • Bill noted that the new form is being instituted – being pushed out
        internally first.
    • Consultant Manual by ACEC
      • Bill will be providing this committee copies of the manual for review –
        appendix to be provided on-line. We’ll get one month, then the document
        goes to FHWA. Final step is the Commissioner’s signoff.
    • Commissioner Town Hall
      • Date and time not yet set. Bill to check with Commissioner on potential
        late February date – 1 hour.
    • Consultant Notes Posting for Non-NHDOT Services
      • Bill was contacted by SRPC for eligibility list of consultants so they can
        send out an RFP for on-call services. Bill explained to the SRPC that the
        Department doesn’t maintain an eligibility list but agreed to post their RFP
        on the NHDOT’s website. Bill asked if ACEC had any concerns with
        using the list in this way. No concerns were raised.
  4. Committees:
    • Contracts – Darren noted that the subcommittee continues to progress on a
      standard scope of work – next meeting Feb 19th.
    • Bridge – Loretta noted that the subcommittee did meet and are continuing to
      update the Bridge Manual – updating one chapter at a time. D-B Manual is
      complete, no more discussion needed.
    • Highway – Jim was not present today – no report.
  5. LPA: CR asked consultants on the committee if there might be any potential issues
    when laying out alignment during construction when the Construction Engineer is a
    different firm from the Design Engineer. The committee members didn’t see a big issue.
    C&I contracts require a licensed surveyor. Ted noted that on NHDOT projects their
    surveyors provide layout of project control, but the Contractor is required to layout the
    project. NHDOT RE’s then are provided GPS equipment that they use to provide a sense
    that the project is being constructed correctly. It was noted that when LPA project
    documents reference the NHDOT specifications, they need to pay close attention to this
    initial layout requirement as NHDOT survey crews will not be providing this control
  6. Other Items: Ted noted that Construction School will take place virtually (Zoom Meeting) for
    January 26th through January 29th. Consultants are welcome to register. Zoom
    meeting can accommodate up to 500 attendees.
  7. Next Meeting: February 19, 2021. (Subsequently changed to February 17, 2021)
2021 Engineering Excellence Awards Entries

2021 Engineering Excellence Awards Entries

ACEC-NH’s annual Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) competition pays tribute to exemplary Member Firm achievements. Since 1985, NH engineering firms have entered their most innovative projects and studies in ACEC-NH’s annual Engineering Excellence Awards program (EEA), which honors the year’s most outstanding engineering accomplishments. Projects that are winners at state level EEA competitions are eligible for ACEC’s national EEA competition.

Each year a distinguished panel of judges representing a cross section of industry, government and academia rank the submissions on engineering excellence. Projects from throughout world are rated on the basis of uniqueness and innovative applications; future value to the engineering profession; perception by the public; social, economic, and sustainable development considerations; complexity; and successful fulfillment of client/owner’s needs, including schedule and budget.