Somersworth Fire Station, Somersworth, NH

In 2018, the City of Somersworth (City) had an aging fire station at 195 Maple Street in need of replacement.  The existing fire station site was considered geographically ideal, centrally location within the City.  However, the existing site presented size constraints for construction of an adequately size modern new fire station. The City’s primary goal during redevelopment of a new fire station at this site was keeping the existing fire station operational during construction. Hoping to gain more acreage for the new fire station, to the City hired S. W. Cole Engineering, Inc. to explore the subsurface conditions at the existing and adjacent City lots for geotechnical feasibility. As a result, the final site for the new fire station included a lot line adjustment on to an adjacent right-of-way to the south of the site.

Port One Architects worked closely with the City and the project team to develop a phasing plan to allow the existing fire station to remain operational during the construction of the new fire station.  Port One Architects worked with JSN Associates to devise a plan to phase construction and construct two structurally independent buildings, at separate times, that would adjoin to create the new complete fire station.

The design and construction team and fire department personnel worked together to accomplish the City’s goals.  The team thought outside the box to successfully allow the fire department to remain on their desired site, both during construction on a congested site, and for the long-term to service the public safety needs of the City of Somersworth.