ACEC-NH Announces $5,000 in Engineering Scholarship Grants for 2024

ACEC-NH is proud to announce that the ACEC Research Institute has awarded $5,000 in scholarships to students in New Hampshire this year. The scholarships, made possible by generous donors, aim to make engineering careers more accessible to students and address the engineering workforce shortage facing the industry.

The scholarship winner this year was: 

  • Ana Rolfe, University of New Hampshire
    NCEES Professional Licensure Scholarship, $5,000

We are thrilled to recognize Ana Rolfe from the University of New Hampshire as this year’s scholarship recipient. Her academic excellence and dedication to engineering make her a deserving candidate. Awarding scholarships like this one allows us to invest in talented individuals like Ana Rolfe, ensuring a strong pipeline of future engineers ready to make a positive impact on our state and beyond.

Mike Carragher, chair of the ACEC Research Institute, highlighted the importance of these scholarships in encouraging the next generation of engineers. “The ACEC Research Institute is committed to supporting students who are passionate about engineering but may face financial challenges. By providing these scholarships, we are investing in the future of our profession and ensuring that talented individuals are empowered to pursue their dreams.”

The scholarships are given to a diverse group of students who demonstrate academic excellence, financial need, and a dedication to the field of engineering. This initiative is part of the ACEC Research Institute’s broader effort to address the current shortage of engineers that are critically needed to solve complex challenges. In total, the ACEC Research Institute provided nearly $700,000 to 97 deserving students this year. 

“Engineering is at the heart of solving many of today’s most pressing challenges,” Carragher continued. “By making engineering education more accessible, we are not only helping individual students but also strengthening the entire industry. These scholarships will help ensure that we have a robust pipeline of skilled engineers ready to tackle the complex issues of tomorrow.”

These students will help grow the cadre of engineers that work every day to design infrastructure that makes transportation safer, create solutions to improve our environment, and design buildings that reduce our impact on the climate now and into the future.

The ACEC Research Institute’s scholarship program is just one of many initiatives aimed at supporting the engineering community. Through original research, economic analysis and thought leadership, the Institute is dedicated to advancing the engineering profession and promoting its critical role in society.

For more information about the ACEC Research Institute’s scholarship program and other initiatives, please visit ACEC Research Institute.